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Our Story

Bringing brewing back to downtown.


It was no small feat to establish the first brewery for Downtown Bakersfield in decades. Our founder spent most of my professional life as a biologist/chemist and always loved the art of experimentation and the thrill of inventing something new.


We are huge fans of craft beer! Our journey started as a home brewers about 10 years ago in the backyard and we found a great community of home brewers in Bakersfield. The founding of 2ND Phase Brewing unites our passion for beer and our hometown community in the heart of East Chester, downtown Bakersfield. 


Starting in early 2019, 2ND Phase Brewing has been committed to producing authentic and uniquely local beers that push the boundaries of traditional brewing styles and categories. We’re proud to serve our customers an always-changing selection of seasonal brews as well as a selection of fan favorites. We are proud that our seasonal brews are flavored with local high-quality ingredients, with no extracts or added chemicals. 

Every day, we are driven by our core values: utilizing local, fresh ingredients, creating a family-friendly inclusive gathering space, honoring our customers, and of course - continuous experimentation so that we can deliver an ever-changing selection of uniquely local brews. Experience the uniqueness of Bakersfield and the experimentation of beer by joining us at the brewery.

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