What’s on Tap

Beer Theory

Our selection of proven craft beer recipes


R(oil)dale Ale             

Reminding us of the beers that define Kern County, this is our lightest ale with a simple hop profile. 4.2%ABV

(Cans Available)


Freeholder Irish Red                

An Irish-American brew honoring the lasses. This American grain Irish beauty has a rich malt profile. 5.5%ABV

(Cans Available)


Rich Uncle Golden Ale           

A full bodied hazy golden ale with a light citrus hop profile. A richer version of your favorite week day beer.  6%ABV

Black Out LIVE Hazy Pale Ale  

When a beer is just too good to not black-out. We got you! A hoppy, hazy pale ale you won’t want to stop drinking. 5.9%ABV

(Cans Available)


ES-SO-Fancy Golden Ale  - Currently Out of Stock          

Pancho fancied this brew up with his favorite Mexican flavors of lime, cucumber, mint, and salt. Making it oh-so fancy with a salt and lime garnish. 6.5%ABV

East Chester DIPA - Currently Out of Stock   

This beer is a tribute to the amazing changes happening to Downtown Bakersfield. This west coast style IPA if full of hoppy goodness pair with a mild malt body. Just like the changes in Downtown, Pancho decided to make this double. 8.5%ABV

(Cans Available)


Love Thy Neighbor Wheat Ale      

A delicious American wheat beer for those hot summer days. This brew has a balanced wheat body with fantastic citrus flavor. 5.5%ABV


Experimental Brews

From Pancho’s Beer Lab, these rotating taps invite you to experience a variety of malt, hop, yeast and fruit combinations. 


Strawbeery Fields Dirt Road             

New addition to the Dirt Road saison series. We worked with L & E Berries to bring in some amazing strawberry flavor. A bit sweet and a bit tart but with all that saison flavor. 8.0% ABV


Double Bonded Hazy DIPA            

This hazy, bright and hoppy IPA, brewed as a celebratory wedding beer, offers orange and stone fruit flavors in Pancho’s favorite IPA recipe. 8.5%ABV

(Cans Available)

"OH" -19 Pale Ale            

This easy drinking pale ale comes with a sweet body and mild bitterness. Dry hoppped with a bit of cascade hops to make it go down easier. 5%ABV

(Cans Available)

Hard Seltzers

Our selection of freshly fruited hard seltzers. 


Muy Fresco Cucumber  

What else can Pancho add cucumber to...? Fresh cucumber was added to this seltzer to give you a refreshing, tasty, so easy drinking seltzer.  It almost makes  you wish it was summer. 6%ABV

Pink Lady Pomegrante

One of out first seltzer from opening day is back on tap. This seltzer if full of fresh pomegranates coming straight from one of our Founder members, JP, with a bit of berry puree for some sweetness.  6%ABV

(Cans Available)

Beer Cocktails

Mild Michelada     

Bloody Maria’s hatch chile mix with any of our brews

Spicy Michelada     

Our local Mir Clamato michelada mix definetly comes with a nice kick.


Orange juice with any of our brews

Beer Sprizter

Selected brew enhanced with sprite, grenadine and ice

La Doña Daisy

Our newest cocktail addition to the 2nd Phase menu. This margarita is full of citrus notes plus a little kick made with our new 2nd Phase 15% malt-based mixer.

La Doña Island Ice Tea

Another addition to the cocktail menu. Thins easy drinking long island ice tea inspired drink goes down too easy. Can be order with or without ice. Made with our new 2nd Phase 15% malt-based mixer.


Blue Sky            

Bringing an island flavor to the brewhouse. This amazing drink is done with a Blue Hawaiian mix plus a citrus kick addtion.