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Our taps change with the season and as a micro-brewery, we sell out of our fan favorites from time to time. That's part of the "experiment experience." We want to keep you trying new things. Also, part of the unique experience at 2ND PHASE is the outstanding beer cocktails made by our beer-tenders. We partner with local businesses to bring you a selection of frescos and micheladas. Pancho is known for brewing a wide variety of beers, crisp and clean seltzers, creative flavor combinations, and using only fresh, local ingredients.

No chemicals and no extracts. Just 100% natural flavor.

Beer Theory    

Our selection of proven craft beer recipes.

                                             12oz         16oz

R(oil)dale Ale                       $6.50     $8.00

Light Golden Ale - Reminding us of the beers that define Kern County, this is our lightest ale with a simple hop profile. 4.2%ABV

Freeholder                         $6.50     $8.00

Irish Red Ale - An Irish-American brew honoring the lasses. This American grain Irish beauty has a rich malt profile. 5.5%ABV


Rich Uncle                        $6.50     $8.00

Golden Ale - A full bodied hazy golden ale with a light citrus hop profile. A richer version of your favorite weekday beer.  6%ABV

Black Out LIVE!               $6.50     $8.00

Hazy Pale Ale - When a beer is just too good to not black-out on. We got you! A hoppy, hazy pale ale you won’t want to stop drinking.  6.5%ABV

ES-SO-Fancy                   $8.00      

Golden Ale - Pancho fancied this brew up with his favorite Mexican flavors of lime, cucumber, mint, and salt. Making it oh-so fancy with a salt and lime garnish. 6.5%ABV   


East Chester DIPA           $6.50     $8.00

West Coast IPA - This beer is a tribute to the revitalization happening Downtown. This west coast style IPA if full of hoppy goodness paired with a mild malt body. And for all of those works double time to bring revive Downtown,  Pancho had to make this a double. 7.5%ABV


Love Thy Neighbor         $6.50     $8.00

Wheat Ale - A delicious American wheat beer for those hot summer days. This brew has a balanced wheat body with fantastic citrus flavor. 5.5%ABV


Experimental Brews

From Pancho’s Beer Lab, these rotating taps invite you to experience a variety of malt, hop, yeast and fruit combinations. (12oz pours of all experimental)   

Deep Space            $8.00

Stout – This dark rich colored stout has a semi heavy body to help complement the roasted chocolate flavor. And with a small addition of maple syrup and brown sugar the mild sweetness makes this stout an easy drinker. 8%ABV

“Brews Love Lucy”       $8.00

West Coast Hazy IPA – In collaboration with the Pink Boots Society we were excited to have many of the strong women in Pancho’s life come down and help with a brew-day. Named after our aspiring little brewer, Lucy, this west coast hazy has mild strawberry and melon hint with a very nice grass tone. A fun and new brew for the hazy lovers. 7.5% ABV

Hard Seltzers

Our selection of freshly fruited hard seltzers.

                                        12oz         16oz

Muy Fresco Cucumber $6.50       $8.00

Fruited Hard Seltzer - What else can Pancho add cucumber to...? Fresh cucumber was added to this seltzer to give you a refreshing, tasty, so easy drinking seltzer. 6%ABV


The Pineappleton         $6.50       $8.00

Fruited Hard Seltzer – We love it when the Appletons  fill the taproom with good tunes. To honor these hometown musicians who are carrying on the tradition of the Bakersfield sound, we welcome our first pineapple/apple infused seltzer. 6%ABV


Beer Cocktails 

Available in 12oz or 16oz Pours,  $7.50-$9.00

Mild/Spicy Michelada 

Downtown Bakersfield Howie’s Michelada mix with any of our brews.

So-Cal Tamal Agua Fresca Cocktail

Try one of our new agua fresca blended cocktails. We are working with our friends at So-Cal Tamal and using their freshly made agua frescas for this delicious cocktail. Ask our beertender for the list of available flavors!

Beer Spritzer

Made with our new 2ND Phase 15% malt-based mixer enhanced with sprite and grenadine.

La Doña Daisy Margarita

Our newest cocktail addition to the 2ND Phase menu. This margarita is full of citrus notes plus a little kick. Made with our new 2ND Phase 15% malt-based mixer.

Rotating Cocktail Series

We love coming up with new beer cocktails and bringing back fan favorites to keep things fun. Check out our cocktail board to see what’s new or ask our beertender.


Beer Theory Flight    $15

Your choice of any 4 beers or seltzers available on tap.

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